Biking Tours

Tussock trails

A scenic ride through tussock lands for those who want to soak up the sights, sounds and smells, or an endless supply of mountain and downhill tracks. We can drive you to the top with our 4×4 vehicle and let you go down hill to the bottom where we can pick you up and go and tackle another track and do it again and again until you’ve had enough. Or we can tick along quietly behind you in the 4×4 as you meander along some of the easier trails. The options are endless for a mountain biker and ideally suited to fat biking.

Half day and full day options

Lakeside trails

A scenic bike tour beginning at Dingleburn station heading along a farm track towards Green Bush Hut at the top of the lake.  Achievable by most fitness levels, fully backed with vehicle support. This ride follows part of the track used in the annual Contact Epic around the lake bike race. Full day tour with 2-5 hours of biking, if you want to take it easier we can drive the tougher sections of the track in the 4×4 vehicle. Expect mind blowing views and a huge sense of freedom.

Full day only.

All bike tours fully backed by 4×4 vehicle support.


2:1 $525/day pp 3:1 $395/day pp 4:1 $395/day pp.

Larger groups by arrangement. Bikes not included